Cindy Slimp for Missouri District 133 – A neighbor working for you!

Lives in Springfield. Grew up on a small farm in rural Kansas and considers herself part of the working class. We are proud to endorse her.

The Missouri Women’s Leadership Coalition was founded in 2001 to achieve political gender equality in Missouri by recruiting and helping elect pro-Choice, pro-ERA, women in cities, suburbs, small towns and rural areas outside of our two major cities: Kansas City and St. Louis. We are a nonpartisan organization.


Missouri Women’s Leadership Coalition

It is important to understand that we all work for the same reasons, whether we are unrepresented or a member of a union. We all work for quality of life. Being treated with respect raises your quality of life. Being proud of your work raises the quality of your life. Having access to training and advancement opportunities raises your quality of life. Providing health benefits for your family raises the quality of their lives as well as yours. Having the voice to stand up for what is right raises the quality of your life. Being able to retire with dignity raises your quality of life.

Iron Workers Local 10

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Meet Cindy!

Cindy grew up on a small farm in rural Kansas near Joplin, and has spent most of her years in Missouri and Kansas. Her mom is a very strong independent woman and raised 3 kids with some help from Grandpa and Grandma. They were poor but able to get by living on a small self-sustaining … Continue reading Meet Cindy!


Thank you for looking out for our neighbors by supporting Cindy’s campaign! Cindy is ready to fight for her community and for Missourians with honesty and transparency, but she can’t do it without your generosity! This is a grassroots campaign not funded by corporations or lobbyists. Every contribution gets Cindy that much closer to Jefferson … Continue reading Contribute!

Get Involved!

Can we count on you? Missouri needs progressive voices in Jefferson City! Commit to helping elect Cindy to the Missouri House by volunteering your time and talents to the campaign! We need enthusiastic supporters like you to attend events, help knock on doors, phone bank, host house parties, and connect Cindy and her campaign with the voters … Continue reading Get Involved!

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