Meet Cindy

“I never knew I would run for office but I am fed up with people not being able to get medical coverage, seniors not having access to prescriptions, and legislators bullying my community with terrible legislation. I am passionate about people and their access to the same liberties and healthy freedoms that our politicians have. I pay taxes, I don’t think my taxes are too high; I think they go to the wrong places. My state tax dollars should support the police, fire departments, public schools and social and mental health. I want to help kids, low income, the middle class and the elderly. I want to voice my concerns where they matter most- in Jefferson City.”

Cindy grew up on a small farm in rural Kansas near Joplin, and has spent most of her years in Missouri and Kansas. Her mom is a very strong independent woman and raised 3 kids with little help. They were poor but able to get by with help.

Cindy has never been involved in politics- she’s part of the working class. For too long, our representatives have ignored our needs and voted with whoever has given them the most money or simply voted with their party. That’s not how this is supposed to work. This is how we ended up with no Medicaid expansion, Right to Work, 60,000 senior citizens access to prescriptions have been cut, elimination of Statewide Missouri Housing Assistance, a $4 million dollar cut to Social Services and cuts to senior’s health options with Medicare. Something has to be done to help rural Missouri, city dwellers, farmers, and regular folks to get a leg up.

Cindy is the person running for Missouri District 133 who will be honest with you. She will talk with you, not at you or over you, because she cares about your concerns. She wants to know what you want from your representative. She will vote in the best interests of her community; she will never, ever choose the party or lobbyist’s vote over the needs of the people.