I support our Second Amendment. With our Constitutional Rights, we must accept our responsibilities. Too many of our citizens have proven over and over again that too many of us aren’t willing to accept the responsibilities we have with gun ownership. The NRA used to be an upstanding organization that supported gun control and safety but over the last 2 decades has turned to fear mongering and government control. They have bought too many of our legislators who are now afraid to stand up to them and make laws to keep people safe and the instead ensure that gun manufacturers make money. I support thorough background checks and databases of weapons in circulation. I feel that we should do away with private gun sales and think they should all be licensed. Our cars have to be licensed, we have to carry insurance on them and our homes in case someone is harmed with or on our property, I would like to see the same with guns. I would also like to see age limits on any handgun or rifle that isn’t a hunting rifle including ammunition for the weapons.