Smart Gun Laws

I wholly support our Second Amendment, and I believe in an individual’s right to own firearms for protection. I know hunting is a beloved past time in Missouri and people should be allowed to protect their families and homes as they choose.
I also believe in regulations meant to promote responsible gun ownership and to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and children. I support real universal background checks, registration of weapons, and the closure of online, auction (except antiques), and gun show sales.
I don’t feel that any of this infringes on anyone’s right to bear arms. I feel like parents need to be held more accountable if their child harms another with the parent’s weapon. All of our other constitutional rights come with reasonable restrictions and the requirement that we use them responsibly, and this should be no different.
Too many of our legislators are afraid to stand up and make laws to keep people safe because of the influence of donors and gun lobbying organizations. I will always support legislation that protects the lives of our children and neighbors while not infringing on our Second Amendment.