In 2017, the Missouri House of Representatives chose not to expand Medicaid. This left 96,000 Missourians ineligible for assistance through the ACA. Those left without coverage are mostly children, elderly and people with disabilities. In May, the Missouri legislature cut in-home and nursing home services for about 8,300 people with disabilities. More than 8,000 low income seniors, veterans and people living with disabilities with minor health care issues, will suffer the consequences.
I support Medicaid expansion, Social Security benefits, and Medicare. Some states have legislators who have taken the initiative to work for Medicare for all, and I will be one of those legislators. The Koch brothers have just proven how much taxpayers will save with Medicare for All. Too many hospitals in Missouri are closing because people can’t pay outrageous ER bills, and rural folks suffer the most. We all deserve to be able to go to a doctor for preventative care.