Springfield and Missouri residents need to see a big change in healthcare. We have too many families that fall between the cracks of having employer provided benefits, being able to afford an ACA plan and qualifying for Medicaid. In March, 2017 our GOP lead Missouri house chose to not take the Medicaid expansion leaving 96,000 potential recipients ineligible for the benefit. These are mostly children and disabled people without coverage that Missouri freely had access to. In May, our 60% Republican lead house in Missouri cut in-home and nursing home services for about 8,300 people with disabilities. More than 8,000 low income seniors, veterans and people living with disabilities with minor health care issues, will suffer the consequences.
I support Medicaid expansion, Social Security benefits and Medicare. I support care of the elderly, disabled and children and will never vote to take access away from you. I will always vote for all people having access to healthcare.