Ok, everyone, it’s time to have a ‘come to Jesus’ talk about same-sex marriage, transgender people and loving/judging one another in the way that we individually think love and gender should be. I have many gay, lesbian, transgender, non-binary friends and have gay family members and friends. I can’t wrap my head around the mindset that it is anyone’s business how someone else lives their life.
I’m a straight cis-gender woman. What that means is that I am a straight woman born a female. I will every time, stand up and fight for my friends and family when they are shunned by people thinking they made a CHOICE to be what they are. The only choice made by lgbtq people is whether be public and to be proud. If they can’t do either, I will support them as they wish. Every one of you knows, loves or associates with someone who is trans or LGBTQ whether you know it or not, Jesus, Buddah, Allah, or any other entity we worship tells us to leave the judgement up to them. Be a neighbor to all friends, our role in life is not to judge, our role is to love thy neighbor. And please, just let everyone use the restroom in peace.
Bake the cake, let people use the restroom and give them the marriage license.