Local Farms

Missouri family farmers need the opportunity to run their farms efficiently, economically for them, and in a way that’s more humane to the animals they raise. I grew up on a small farm and have fond memories of helping tend the small crops, haul hay, feed calves, and split firewood. We didn’t make much off the livestock, but it provided a lot of the food on our table.
Family owned farms are an important part of Missouri culture and livelihoods.

That’s why I agree with The Farmer’s Bill of Rights:

Stopping Foreign Ownership of FarmsMissouri should restore the initial language in the 1978 law on foreign ownership of farmland that detailed “no foreign entity could own farmland in Missouri.” This policy has received bipartisan support. Missouri should also increase transparency by requiring companies or entities to report if they have over 20% foreign ownership.
Improving Country-of-Origin LabelingWe need strengthened country-of-origin labeling. Similar to a bill that was filed in the state of Colorado, Missouri should require retailers selling beef and pork to place placards that clearly state where the product is from.
Transparency for Contract GrowersMissouri can help tilt the balance back in favor of family farmers by increasing transparency for contract growers for pigs and chicken. As it stands, many unfair contracts from monopolies force Missouri farmers “deeply into debt to keep up with dictated standards…and pit them against other farmers in the community.” Contracts should be transparent and filed in the public record so Missouri’s farmers can guarantee they’re not getting ripped off by big corporations. The State of Iowa has passed this into law.
Protect Local Regulation of CAFOsThe Republican establishment in Jefferson City needs to stop passing bad bills that attempt to help big corporations by taking away local counties’ ability to regulate Concentration Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Local communities should have the right to protect themselves from the negative health and environmental impacts that CAFOs can have on family farms.
End Corporate Stacking of the Clean Water CommissionMissouri needs to reverse legislation that Republicans passed in 2016 that stacked the Clean Water Commission in favor of big corporations. Since the commission has “the ability to approve or deny construction permits for facilities that have the potential to damage Missouri waterways,” this move unfairly shifted control away from local farming communities, making it more difficult to hold big corporations accountable for pollution and bad practices that harm family farmers.
I would love to speak with any local farmer to get more acquainted with the issues you face in your operations! Please feel free to message or email me!