Public Schools

As a K-12 student, I attended public schools. Schools help kids lay the groundwork of what they become and teachers and faculty play a major role in our development as young adults. I would like to see raises for teachers and school faculty along with better benefits/pension programs. Happy teachers make positive and productive teachers who will teach our children well.

I do not support Charter school expansions or vouchers. Charter schools don’t have a state curriculum like public schools have. Children have to apply to attend and charters get to decide who gets in. All in all, they will be segregation schools that take tax dollars away from public schools and district 133’s current Representative supports them. He doesn’t feel that kids need computers until they’re in High School and that we spend too much on buildings.

Arming teachers with weapons is a bad idea, the security that were on staff in Parkland should be proof enough that armed people on school grounds does nothing to protect our kids. Brandishing weapons is not part of a teacher’s job and their under appreciated jobs are big enough.

Lastly, I don’t support religious practices in schools unless you as a parent have sought out a religious school.  Religion should be left up to families and practiced at home and church, not schools.