Public Schools

As a K-12 student, I attended public schools. Schools help build the foundation of what kids become as adults, and teachers and faculty play a major role in their development as they grow.

Teachers and school faculty deserve higher pay and better benefits/pension programs. Happy teachers make positive and productive teachers who will teach our children well. I will also fight for Pre-K programs and local colleges to be included in the definition of public schools. Parents shouldn’t have to take on a 2nd job to be able to afford to give their children the advantage that many other kids may have, and young adults shouldn’t be shouldering debt long after they’ve finished college.

I do not support Charter school expansions or vouchers. Charter schools are given the ability to decide which students attend, essentially creating tax-funded segregation in the school system with dollars taken from public schools. District 133’s current Representative supports these schools. He doesn’t feel that kids need computers until they’re in High School and that we spend too much on buildings.

I feel that children need every opportunity for enrichment and education, after all, they too, will vote one day.

Lastly, I don’t support religious practices in public schools.  Religion should be left up to families and practiced at home and church, not in schools.