My taxes are not too high, but I want my taxes to benefit people. State tax revenue needs to be appropriated to help citizens and strengthen infrastructure. It’s the citizens’ money, and it was never intended to support special interest groups, corporations, or huge donors to political campaigns. I support paying income taxes when they fund services that support the citizens.
There are so many things that our dollars could be used for to support working folks. I want to help middle class, rural, and low income people who are struggling to put food on the table and pay the bills. I want to help seniors, the disabled, and the people caring for them to have access to medication and healthcare. Corporations and millionaires don’t need tax cuts – they need to pay their fair share and give back so others can actually attain the American Dream.
We’ve seen trickle-down economics cause the middle class shrink while the lower income brackets grow larger. We know it doesn’t work, so it’s time to stop electing officials who give tax breaks to the wealthy. I will vote every time to support working families, not millionaires. The millionaires have made it, the rest of us need the opportunity to grow independently.