My taxes are not too high but taxes need to benefit people. They need to be appropriated to help citizens and infrastructure, not special interest groups, corporations and huge donors to political campaigns. I support paying income taxes when they fund services that support the citizens.
We can put out the fires
We can arrest the criminals.
We can keep said criminals in for profit prison systems with no reform programs.
We can almost educate our children, but by no means equally.
We have people to keep up with the taxes we owe.
We have industries with CEO’s making 100 people’s salaries as bonuses.
We also have:
Plenty of housing for the homeless.
Plenty of food for the hungry.
Kids who need food on the weekends and evenings.
Enough doctors to care for our sick and a huge industry of Pharma companies who can provide medications to those who need them and still make plenty of money.
We ignore these needs and it’s time to change that.
There are so many things that our dollars take in that could support local folks. I want to help middle class, rural and low income people who are struggling to put food on the table and pay the bills. I want to help seniors, the disabled and people caring for them to have access to medication and healthcare. Corporations and millionaires don’t need tax cuts – they need to pay their fair share and give back so others can be successful.