My taxes are not too high. My taxes need to benefit people. They need to be appropriated to help citizens and infrastructure, not special interest groups, corporations and huge donors to political campaigns. I support paying income taxes when they go to things that support the citizens.
I would like to see our dollars go to ensuring low income kids have food on the weekends and evenings and I would love to bring prescription medication back to 60,000 senior citizens who lost their coverage in 2017 because we lack positive democratic representation in Jefferson City. I want more programs to help the city’s homeless population and to ensure that no citizen is forgotten. We have standards in place for prisons promising that those convicted of crimes have adequate housing, meals and quality shelter but nothing for the people who fell on hard times or have children they can’t properly feed or keep warm.
There are so many things that our dollars take in that could support local folks. I want to help middle class and low income people who are struggling to put food on the table and pay the bills. I want to help seniors, the disabled and people caring for them to have access to medication and healthcare. Corporation and millionaires don’t need tax cuts- they need to pay their fair share and give back so others can be successful.