Carpenters Local 978

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters works on the things that matter to all members and the contractors who employ them, such as:

  • Intelligent labor laws that serve honest workers and honest employers by making the construction industry safer and more honorable for all.
  • Fighting employer payroll fraud so law-abiding contractors can bid and win work without facing competitors who illegally lower their labor costs.
  • Wage-and-hour laws, the backbone of America’s decades-long commitment to fair labor standards.
  • Protections like Davis-Bacon prevailing-wage laws that keep bottom-dollar contractors from producing unsafe public buildings without producing any economic benefits.
  • Unfair trade agreements that rob American workers of decent jobs and damage our long-term economic security.
  • Funding for sensible programs that create decent jobs and stimulate the economy–like infrastructure, schools, and more.
  • Pension reform that ensures multi-employer workers receive the full benefits they deserve.