Freethought Equality Fund PAC

Slimp says, “For too long our representatives have ignored our needs of people and voted with their party.” Cindy is not accepting Corporate PAC money to ensure a clean campaign and representation of the people. Her legislative agenda includes: expanding access to all forms of healthcare and supports single payer, ensuring that public schools are truly fully funded and that teachers see an increase in salary, a living wage for working people and families and supporting workers unions, equality for all. LGBTQ community, women, immigrants and all other marginalized groups including low income families, support women’s body integrity, safety in gun ownership and quality background checks to keep people safe, and proactive environmentally friendly state. Cindy does not identify with a religion and respects all non-religious and religious views. She believes that a legislator’s personal relationship with God should have no element in government, that legislators should be working for people and following our Constitution.