Smiley face Healthcare
Springfield and Missouri residents need to see a big change in healthcare. We have too many families that fall between the cracks of… Read More.

My taxes are not too high. My taxes need to benefit people. They need to be appropriated to help citizens and not special interest… Read More.

Public Schools
Right now, charter schools are allowed only in Kansas City, St. Louis, and under limited conditions in other parts of the state… Read More.

Smiley face Workers Unions
I support unions because Unions fight for the working class. Unions have been under attack by Governor Greitens. Eric accepted… Read More.

Smiley faceSmiley face Local Farms
In all honesty, I have a lot to learn about the issues and red tape faced by the local farming community. I plan to get up to speed… Read More.

Smiley faceSmiley face Women’s Rights
I am a proud supporter of women’s rights in all forms. I support equal pay for equal work. Being a Stay at Home parent is a real job, a very… Read More.

Smiley face LGBTQ
Ok, everyone, it’s time to have a ‘come to Jesus’ talk about same-sex marriage, transgender people and loving/judging one another in the way that… Read More.

Smiley face Guns
I support our Second Amendment. With our Constitutional Rights, we must accept our responsibilities… Read More.