Women’s Rights

I am a proud supporter of women’s rights in all forms. I support equal pay for equal work. I am one of those women who believes in the #metoo movement and I love that it has finally happened. Women have for too long been objectified as slightly less, more meek and less needed in the work force, especially women of color. The opportunities we have now will show the world that we aren’t going to be quiet anymore.

With all of my heart, I support a woman’s right to contraception and will fight for birth control to be covered by health insurance. I will stand up for women’s reproductive rights because my father had the option to walk away as many men still do, and he chose it. I’m glad to be here as a strong voice for women in a primarily, man’s world. I have spent many hours volunteering with Planned Parenthood and I have a full understanding of what is right and wrong. When people talk about pro-life, they typically aren’t really pro-life, they are pro-birth. If you are pro-life you should also favor making sure that young woman or teen also has access to maternity care so that she will have a healthy baby. Once that baby is born, the baby and mother need respectful access to ongoing healthcare, food and and opportunity to have the necessities needed for a baby and mother’s wellness. Missouri has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the US and women of color face a much higher rate of infant mortality that white women. We have a broken system and I would like to see positive changes in women’s health.