Workers Unions

Unions have been under attack by our current Republican led majority in the Missouri House. The governor accepted money from a major privately-owned employer based in Missouri to implement Right to Work, an anti-union and anti-worker legislation.
Right to Work is is an effort to prevent Unions from fighting for higher wages, better working conditions, and accountability for employers.  Most Missourians support unions, but the people pushing Right to Work want to enable employers to keep wages low and make wage competition a non-issue. Right to work benefits corporations, not employees.
Unions have always been integral to creating protections for workers.  They gave us weekends, 5 day work weeks, employer provided health insurance, FMLA, the end of child labor, Workers Compensation, Minimum Wage, Sick Leave, Lunch Breaks, Unemployment Insurance, Pensions, Paid Vacation, Workplace Safety Standards and Regulations, Military Leave, Sexual Harassment Laws, Maternity Leave, The Right to Strike, Public Education and so many other progressive rights for employees. We need to keep unions strong.
No on Proposition A!